Find the answers to our FAQ’s below. If you cannot find what you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    • What are the next steps?

      Once the contract is signed and payment details have been received, we will contact you directly, and introduce ourselves. We will ask for information regarding existing domain name (if any) plus content, and explain each of the areas in simple terms.

    • What if I don’t have a domain?

      That’s ok, we will register and set up a domain name and hosting for you, this is included in the package. We will speak to you and find a suitable available domain for you.

    • How long does it take for the site to be live?

      The average website takes 10 days to “go live”, however it can take from as little as 3 days once we receive all the information and content from you . We will aim to launch your site 15 days after sign up. Remember no live site means that your missing possible business every hour of every day.

    • What content do I need to get ready? 

      The general minimum content required for a website is: contact information, about us, services or product outline and a logo, we will send a welcome email to you which outlines the content and information needed. We will discuss the specific content needs with you to ensure we have enough to launch the site. Additional content can be added to the site at anytime via the content management system (CMS)

What happens if I want to make changes to the website? 

      You may choose a different colour scheme or layout style at any stage during the set up process, we can also make unlimited changes before the site is live. Any additional modules or features can be added, you just need to contact us, charges may apply. Once the site is live, we will teach you how to make all the changes yourself.

    • What is hosting and do I need it?

      Hosting is integral for any website, its where the website lives. Much like leasing a unit in a building. You agree to lease the unit for a certain amount of time and pay a regular fee to reside there, and your website domain is your address.

    • What happens if I can no longer pay for the website? 

      You will have the opportunity to pay any balance outstanding however, if it remains unpaid, access to the website will be suspended until the account has been brought up to date. It may take up to 24hrs for the website to be accessible after suspension has been removed

    • What if I have my own hosting or domain?

      To ensure a successful result we require management of the hosting. This ensures your site is fully maintained and secure under the guidance of our technical experts. We will organise new hosting and re-direction of the current domain (if you have one) all free of charge. If you would like to stay with your current host then full payment of the website would be required upfront.

    • What if I want more than 5 pages?

      We will create the initial 5 pages for your website however if you would like more than this, that is not a problem. We will spend time teaching you how to add pages, images and text, you can then add as many pages as you like to your site.

    • How do I get my site on Google? 

      We will optimise the site once, upon launch for your chosen keywords (one word per page) however it is worth noting that Google has made it more difficult for businesses to be found these days and most people on Page 1 are paying to be there.