Black Pepper Digital

or BPD for short is designed for small to medium businesses that need a digital presence without contracting a marketing, design and development agency. Over several years of providing these services we realised our time is better spent generating prospects for our clients and helping to turn them into profits.

The more time we spent designing websites we realised they all have certain features in common and if we could narrow this down to the top designs we could avoid an expensive and lengthy process and focus on delivering functionality that helps generate revenue for the business.

The Process

The BPD team have created a simple process where we do most of the work and you get to enjoy the journey as we work together on your web site.

Select a Design

The first step is to choose a custom design. These designs have been hand made by our graphic artists. The designs are automatically responsive to smart devices to ensure they work on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops across all types of browsers.

Select a Colour Scheme

Almost every website fits into around five colour schemes. If we are wrong thats fine because we have a sixth colour scheme that allows us to custom set the colours to match your requirements.

Provide the Content

Now the hard part. Most of you will have brochures, presentations, documents, images, videos and hopefully testimonials. We will take this content and upload into the new web site. If you do not have enough content we can assist with a team of copywriters and designers. In fact we can even generate videos using stock imagery and footage.

Optimise and Launch

We set up the hosting of the web site on our server and give you the opportunity to view the site prior to launching. At this time you can suggest adjustments. We have all the content so we optimise the web site once prior to launch. Then we connect to Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and your Social Media channels so you can start tracking the traffic and manage the new prospects.

Post Launch

This is when we give you some training and we record the process online so you can review anytime you like. This empowers you to manage the website content without needing a web developer. We also provide maintenance and support for the entire term of your agreement. This ensures you get the value out of your investment and avoid any potential risks.